Top personal blogs on retirement

My wife and I set up this blog to document our journey to prepare our retirement. To start this journey, it is important to get motivated by reading other people sharing their planning for retirement.

Here are personal blogs we have discovered so far. The order for these blogs are random and do not represent importance or ranking.

Personal Journey to Retirement

From Cents to Retirement

From Cents to Retirement run by Benjamin Davis is one of my favorites. I like his clear goal, “retire by 33-36” and he is 27, which is way younger than myself. His clear investing strategy is very helpful, though I do not have any intention to start P2P loans. His recent blog post: How I made $1,000 blogging in month is very inspiring, and I hope that we achieve this goal in the near future.

Retire by 40

Retire by 40 by Joe Udo is my to-read blog every day! Joe is a very sincere and transparent person who shares his story and how he quit his job a5 38 and still being able to manage his finance.

Retire by 40 recently listed many early retirement blogs, but I am still in the process of going through all these great blogs.

Money Saving

Eyes on the dollar

Eyes on the dollar is run by Kim shares many tips on money saving tips and tax deduction. With the tax season coming up, I will definitely find his recent article on 11 tax deductions helpful.

I also appreciate that Eyes on the dollar has a Start here page, which gives me some clues where to start planning our retirement. I will share my notes when I go through them.

Making Extra Income

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder by Kyle Taylor and his team is one of the largest personal finance site. This large site consists of a wide range of topics, such as money hacks, work from home, budgeting, and coupon. I like this website very much, but I also have to confess that I am overwhelmed by the amount of information. I was hoping that they had a start-here page so that I know where to start.

Debt Reduction

Debt Roundup

Debt Roundup by Grayson Bell is another worth reading story. He shared his journey how he got out of $75,000 in debt. He also features many money saving tips, which I need some time to digest them.

Final note

I know that I may be missing many great blogs, but this list is all I can read at this point. I will gradually share what I’ve learned from these sources and our journey to retirement.


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