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Setting up 2017 goals

​Happy New Year, my friends! I hope that you enjoyed your 2016 and are excited about your journey in 2017. Personally, I am very looking forward to 2017. The financial market in 2016 was quite bumpy, though I've managed to increase my investment account by 40%. With me tweaking my trading plan, I am sure that 2017 would create a lot of trading opportunities.

Inspired by Retire by 40, my wife and I wanted to set up our goal for 2017.

Non-financial Goals

Improve Fitness

My job requires a lot of sitting in front of the computer and write all day. This is very common for a pre-tenured faculty member, and I do not expect it would change in the near future. With that being said, I want to find a way to release my stress and get back to shape.