Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Over the weekend I spent one afternoon making a chiffon cake with strawberry cream. I like chiffon cake because it’s light, airy and have a pillowy texture.


  • 6 eggs
  • corn starch: 10g
  • corn oil: 60g
  • sugar: 90g
  • cake flour: 100g
  • milk: 75g

Ingredients for making strawberry cream:

  • heavy whipping cream: 500g
  • strawberry: 200g
  • sugar: 60g
  • lemonade: 15ml

Instructions for making Chiffon cake:

1. Separate egg yolks and egg whites.

2. Beat egg white from low- to high-speed. The mixer I used was Kitchen Aid 5-speed hand mixer. Add sugar in different times so that the egg whites can better mixed with sugar. Carefully add sugar at the side of the bowl to avoid deflating the whites. Add corn starch and beat. Beat until stiff peaks when the beater was raised.

3. In another bowl, add corn oil, milk, and cake flour into egg yolks. Beat until smooth.

4. Fold half of egg whites into egg yolk, and carefully mix them together. Then put the mixture to the other half of egg whites, and again, mix them together until blended. You can watch the following video to see how I mixed egg yolks with egg whites to make sure the egg whites won’t be deflated.

5. Pour mixture into the springform pan. I used Wilton Perfect Results Nonstick Springform Pan shown below.

6. Preheat oven to 350 degree. When it’s ready, put the pan into oven for 25 minutes. Till now, the chiffon cake is ready.

Next I will talk about the strawberry cream making and decoration process.

Steps for making strawberry cream

1. Make strawberry sauce. Blend strawberry, add sugar and lemonade, and boil in low heat. When it gets thick, cool the strawberry sauce for use.

2. Whisk the whipped cream for 3 minutes, add strawberry sauce into the cream, and whisk until the cream reaches soft peak stage.

3. Use a cake leveler to cut the cake into three layers.  I used Wilton Small Cake Leveler shown below.

4. Put one layer onto the rotating cake stand. Use a spatula to add fillings of cream on each layer, also add sliced strawberries. Then put the second layer and repeat. Finally put the top layer and fill the cream on the surface of the cake. You can get this Ohuhu Revolving Cake Decorating Stand on Amazon.

5. Put the cake into fridge for about 30 minutes, and take it out for decorating. This is to avoid the cream melting. Finally, the cake is done!


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