Setting up 2017 goals

​Happy New Year, my friends! I hope that you enjoyed your 2016 and are excited about your journey in 2017. Personally, I am very looking forward to 2017. The financial market in 2016 was quite bumpy, though I've managed to increase my investment account by 40%. With me tweaking my trading plan, I am sure that 2017 would create a lot of trading opportunities.

Inspired by Retire by 40, my wife and I wanted to set up our goal for 2017.

Non-financial Goals

Improve Fitness

My job requires a lot of sitting in front of the computer and write all day. This is very common for a pre-tenured faculty member, and I do not expect it would change in the near future. With that being said, I want to find a way to release my stress and get back to shape.


I stated a fitness training program T25, with some success. However, with holidays and travel, I was not able to maintain my fitness schedule. Though the program requires daily workout, it is still very challenging for me to keep the schedule.

My plan for 2017 is to work out twice a week using T25, and do this consistently for most of the weeks I do not travel.

Watch 12 good movies

Watching movies is a common fun for our family, and I hope that we can watch good movies at least every month, whether it's on Amazon Prime, Netflix, online, or in the theater.

It is always fun to watch a movie and see how the directors tell a story. It not only creates topics for me to talk with my wife, but also creates topics that I can use in my teaching. Using this popular media is a great way to engage people in an interesting conversation.

Take a family trip (destination TBD)

We recently came back from a wonderful trip in Cancun, Mexico, and it was an eye-opening experience for both of us. I was fully relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine there. We'd love to find a good place to travel, and our goal is to use our credit card, mileages, and points to cover most of the expenses.

Write two posts per week on this blog

This is the goal for this blog. My wife and I will collaboratively write two blog posts per week, and hopefully we will have a productive year in 2017.

In 2017, I plan to talk more about my investment strategies, which results in 40% return in 2016. I did not start with a big account, but using options with value investing and momentum investing is very profitable.

 I will share more about my strategies and philosophy in 2017. I will also plan to share my trading notes, which will be a lot. I normally made about 5-10 trade every month.

Financial goals

Invest $40,000 in our tax advantaged account

Though we are fully aware that maxing out our 403B and Roth IRA every year is important, it is very challenging to make it happen given our financial situation.

We just started our positions three years ago, and we have a car loan, mortgage, and student loan, totaling about $250,000 debt. We will try our best to manage our financial situation and take advantaged of our tax advantaged account.

Have at least 20% return in my investment account

Though I had some success in 2016, I do not want to have unrealistic expectation on my investment return in 2017. S&P500 had a nice year in 2016, and I would expect the trend will continue until the end of the third quarter, so I expect that I should do well in 2017 given my trading strategies.

What do you plan to accomplish in 2017? Please share your goals with us.

Happy New Year!!!


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