Restaurant review in Hyatt Ziva@Cancun

We stayed at two hotels during our Budget trip to Cancun. I have reviewed restaurants in Riu Palace Las Americas in another post. In this post, I will review the restaurants we went to in Hyatt Ziva at Cancun.

The restaurant list below is retrieved from Hyatt Ziva website, and I added review annotations (in red) based on our own experience.

No.1 Habaneros Mexican Restaurant

This is our favorite restaurant in Hyatt Ziva. Location was the best: it was an outdoor restaurant just alongside the beach. Food was great. I love all kinds of their seafood cocktail. Tacos were good too. The most amazing part is, I asked the waiter to recommend a drink for me, and he gave me a drink called Strawberry & Love, which was the best drink I’ve had there. And it is on their secret menu!

Menu on a woodboard


Shrimp Cocktail

Fish Taco

No. 2 La Bastille French Restaurant

It is better to get there around 6pm if you don’t want to wait. Because the whole course takes about 1.5 hours to finish, if you start from appetizer, soup, entree, to dessert. So once the restaurant is full, usually 10-20 minutes after 6pm, you will usually need to wait till 7:30pm for someone to leave.

This seems like the most fancy restaurant in Hyatt. Atmosphere was great. Food was actually okay. Nothing particularly special. Or maybe we did not order the best food there. Dessert was great. I really like their souffle and cream brulee. But if you order souffle you’ll need to wait for another 20 minutes to get it.


Duck entree

Salmon and Lobster (only a little lobster)

Souffle with ice cream (very good!)

Cream Brulee (my favorite!)

No. 3 The Moongate Asian Restaurant

You will be asked whether you want to have the regular menu or grill menu (which you can watch the chef grill). We chose the grill menu. It was more like a show to us, watching the chef show his magic culinary skills. The food was okay. (Just realized that I did not take any picture of the food… They have fried rice, grilled chicken, beef, and shrimp. Grilled lobster would charge an additional $29. ) But it was definitely an interesting experience.

Our chef making a heart-shaped fried rice 🙂

Breakfast No. 1 Tradewinds 

This is an oceanfront restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We love their breakfast. The juice was great. Among three juices, we liked the one called “Zen” (Pineapple juice, watermelon, honey dew, and kiwi) the most. Their special tortilla with ham was the best I’ve ever had! 

We also had lunch there once. The steak and shrimp skewer was good, only the portion was a little bit small. I guess you can ask for two skewers too. The waiting time was long though.


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