Places to eat in Austin

On our return flight, Joseph asked me which restaurant you liked most in Austin. I told him, food truck! I love all the food truck foods we had in Austin, better and much cheaper than any restaurants!!

1. Torchy’s Tacos (highly recommended!!)

Address: 1311 S 1st St, Austin

A local friend recommended it to us, and it was such a pleasant surprise! I had the shrimp taco and for two of them, it costs only around $8 and it is such a big portion. If you visit Austin, Tochy’s is a must try!

2. Don Japanese Food Truck

Address: 411 W 23rd St, Austin, TX

This food truck is in the UT Austin University Coop area, and there is always a long line for it!

For only $5 you can get a full meal (extra $1 for some add-ons). We waited for about one hour to get our meal but it worths the wait.

3. Song La

This food truck is in the same garage as Don. So if you don’t like long waiting, come try this one. It is also really good. I got a chicken bento, fried tofu, and boba milk tea, together for like $15. Huge portion! You can definitely have leftovers for the next meal.

4. The Oasis

I would say, The Oasis is more like a tourism destination than a restaurant. It is by Lake Travis. The view is great but the food was … soso. I did not even take a picture of the food… But worth coming if you want to see the beautiful view of sun set.

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