Lesson learned from first month of blogging

I recently read Ryan‘s blog at Millennial legacy, he shared his stats and lesson learned from first month blogging. I feel that I’m inspired to write something about it, and document our progress.

Here are quick numbers of Ryan’s stats after the first month.

  • page view: 570
  • blog comments: 24
  • Twitter followers: 630
  • Facebook likes: 1

This makes me curious where we are on this blog. I will break it down into several sections.

Page views

Our page view was 449, though we are not blogging for a full month though. We re-started this blog on December 30, 2016, and we are seeing some progress.

One number I’d like to see is page/session. The current number is 3.3, which means that people are interested in our content and spent some time on our blog. This is very good!


We do not have any comments yet, and I think the main reason is that we do not reach out to other bloggers. In addition, our content is diverse, with me (Joseph) writing primarily on blogging and investing with options, and Mrs. Retirement Ambition (Iris) writing recipes of all the yummy food that we can make at home with low cost. The content is more like our personal diary and it may take a little longer to get some love from Google.

Twitter followers

In case you do not know, we have a twitter account here. We made 56 tweets, following 132 accounts, and have 95 followers, 32 likes, and are included in 1 lists.

I would say it’s a promising start, though I believe that I can tweet and re-tweet more regularly and follow more people.

Blog content

We’ve written 20 blog posts in less a month! I think this is a good achievement, and what we can do better is to use social media better and get more traffic. But again, given the diverse content that we are writing, it may take more than several months to get known.

Lesson Learned

Twitter Stats

When I compared our twitter stats with Ryan’s, I immediately noticed the big difference.

Ryan’s following 1307 accounts on Twitter, which is 10 times of ours! He also managed to make more tweets and likes, which also helps his traffic.

Lesson learned: Follow others, then they will follow you back.

Outreach strategy

I am not a shy person, but making outreach on the Internet is really not my thing. However, I think one thing I’ve learned from Ryan is his outreach strategy. Feature other bloggers and shout out! I think I can definitely do the same thing, starting with Ryan’s blog!

What’s your blogging stats last month? Share it with us so that we can learn from you!

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