Heart-shaped strawberry chiffon cake for Valentine’s Day

Are you planning to bake a cake for Valentine’s Day? You want it to both look pretty and taste delicious? Try the heart-shaped strawberry chiffon cake.

The instructions for making strawberry chiffon cake can be found in another post: Strawberry chiffon cake.

Follow the instructions before Step 5, which is before you pour the mixture into the round pan; instead, pour it into the heart-shaped springform pan. I got a large one (9 inch) and a mini one (4 inch) from Amazon.

Follow the remaining steps for making strawberry cream. And at the very end, I added one more step. That is, dip the strawberries in melted dark chocolate, and put them on top of the cake.

Keep refrigerated until at least 2 hours before serving! Hope you like it!


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