How to make green onion pancakes

Green onion pancake is usually my top choice when fridge is empty and it’s not time for grocery shopping yet. Ingredients are simple and it costs little money to make.


  • Green onion 10g (we grow our own green onion at home)
  • All-purpose flour 200g
  • Hot water 100g
  • Salt
  • Corn oil


1.Pour flour in a pot

2. Mix hot water with flour, do it slowly and use a chopstick to keep stirring

3. The dough is shaped like this.

4. Knead the dough with hands to make it more malleable and elastic.

5. Let the dough rise for half an hour. Cover it with food wrapper to keep the moisture.

6. While waiting, chop the green onion.

7. Cut the dough into four pieces.

8. Take one piece and use rolling pin to evenly flatten the dough.

9. Brush corn oil, salt and pepper on top of the crust

1o. Sprinkle some green onion on top of the crust

11. Roll it from one side to the other side

12.Roll in another direction from one end to the other, like the second picture below.

13. Use rolling pin to flatten it.

14. Repeat steps 8-13 for the other 3 pieces.

15. Add oil in the pan in medium heat, and fry each side of the pancake for about 2 minutes when both sides turn golden brown.

That’s it! Hope you like it!


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