Best things to do in Austin (Part II)

Continuing from previous post about places to go in Austin.

4. 6th Street

6th street is a nice place just to walk around, listen to live musics, and bar hopping. Both of us are not a big fan of bar so we just did street walking.

Driskill Hotel is a must-see. The outside architecture is amazing, and don’t miss the inside (especially the stunning stained-glass ceiling).

5. UT Austin

Great university and beautiful campus! Students were super hard-working on campus. Across the street of campus, there are quite many restaurants and food trucks, which I will talk more in details in another post about places to eat in Austin.

6. Whole Foods headquarters

Whole Foods headquarters is in Austin and you must not miss it. Although there were so many items I wanted to purchase, I did not want to burden myself in a trip. So we just took a tour of this flagship store.

Link: Best things to do in Austin (Part I)


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