Best things to do in Austin (Part I)

Joseph and I spent 5 days in Austin, right before the SXSW conference. The weather was perfect around 70 degree. While some local people feel it is still chilly in the early morning and night, it was soooo warm for Michiganers!! We both loved Austin a lot, the culture, history, and the food! Austin has become our top 2 favorite places to go! I will talk about places we went to in Austin in this post first, and to be continued in the next post.

1.State Capitol (must go!)

Before we went to Austin, we only knew a little about Texas’ history. The best part of State Capitol is it’s totally free, AND you can also have free tourist guide there! Also a lot of the rooms are open to public.

Outside of Capitol.

Sculptures with lots of history.

Inside of State Capitol. Thankful we have a tourist guide who was so knowledgeable and had amazing memory about very little detail of Texas history!

Different courts

If our guide did not tell us about the lights on the ceiling, we would never notice it! On each angle of the pentagram, there is a letter of TEXAS. Amazing!

2. Texas State History Museum (Strongly recommend)

Well it’s not free. One ticket for adult is $13. If you are interested in Texas history, I strongly recommend this museum. It will walk you through the entire history of Texas claimed by five different countries.

3. The Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Library and Museum

LBJ served as the 36th president of the United States and in Austin they have a museum of his since he was originally from Texas. The admission fee is $8 per person. If you are interested in his career and life or just learning more about history, this is a nice museum to go. They have several interactive exhibitions such as you can listen to the recordings of his phone calls.

Enough about museums! In my next post I will talk about places to go in Austin besides museums.

Link: Best things to do in Austin (Part II)


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