About me

My name is Joseph and my wife Iris and I are currently living in Michigan. I have a doctoral degree in Education and I am a faculty member in a research university.

While I have extensive knowledge in education, one thing that my schooling did not prepare me is financial freedom. I started my retirement plan recently, so I am working hard to 1) create extra income for early retirement, 2) increase the performance of my retirement portfolio, and 3) stay healthy!

At Retirement Ambition, we talk about money, frugal living, budgeting, travel, healthy cooking, diet, fitness, and much, much more!  We are going to be completely transparent because this blog is our accountability.

I, Joseph, will be writing on posts related to finance, retirement planning, and investment. My wife, Iris, will be writing posts related to travel, healthy cooking, and credit card. Please join us to our journey to wealthy retirement in the near future.